Deep Cool GAMMAXX400 CPU Air Cooler Review


DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX400 CPU Air CoolerDeepcool is a well-reputed brand in the industry because of its reasonably-priced high-performing products. Similarly, in the past couple of years, this Deepcool Gammaxx 400 Slim-Tower CPU Cooler is continuously beating its rivals in the industry. It has a slim dual-tower design that comes at a very affordable price and performs great in all kinds of situations.

This particular model comes at the second position in the list of top-notch models but has huge compatibility and a wider airflow pathway. The most important factor is the thickness, as it determines whether the cooler will site behind the memory or above it.


Compared to other rivals, this model features an additional 0.1-inch fin on both rears as well as on the front side. Its wire fan retainers sticking outside farther make the 400 Gammaxx look a little wider. Moreover, it includes an extra set of clips for holding the second fan in a push-pull manner.

The mounting bracket is secured with four screws to the base of the Gammaxx 400 base. The installation unit incorporates an AMD section for a motherboard’s stock clasp on retainer (arranged with cuts along the edges), and a universal square-ILM section comes with “pushpin” locks to support Intel’s LGAs up to 1366, and a likewise opened bracket with spring-helped LGA 2011x screws.

Modification slots are useless with screws that are explicit to LGA 2011x, and installers must make sure to slide these screws right to the external edge of those spaces to coordinate their motherboard’s strung retainer gaps.

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The Gammaxx 400 has maybe the smoothest direct-contact heat pipe base I’ve ever felt. Best cooling outcomes can normally be found by filling the holes close to the pipes with thermal paste, yet I was scarcely ready to press any into these available spaces.

Behind the nearest memory slots of the board we used for testing, this Gammaxx fits pretty well and gave a somewhat taller clearance height of its side fins. The fan can likewise be gone here and there on the heat sink, however, doing so expands the necessary measure of over-cooler clearance while decreasing the fan’s impact on motherboard part cooling.

deepcool gammaxx 400 cpu cooler review

  • Average thickness to give additional memory clearance
  • Exceptional Cooling performance
  • The price tag is pretty affordable
  • Pretty cool look
  • The operation is a little noisy


This Deepcool Gammaxx 400 Slim-Tower CPU Cooler gives the best operation-to-price ratio. It performed exceptionally well during the tests. The cooling performance is great, construction is great, and the price is affordable. However, the assembly is a little difficult but that not a deal-breaker.