DeepCool Gamer Storm CPU Liquid Cooler Review

DeepCool Gamer Storm CPU Liquid Cooler Review

DeepCool Gamer Storm CPU Liquid CoolerIf you are searching for a Great budget and elegant AIO then DeepCool Gamer Storm CPU Liquid Cooler is made for you. It contains a reactor/turbine pump, and the glass tube is coming out which makes it badass and tremendous. The fans are reticent, even at full load.

It keeps your  fx-8350 at 46-56c, which will make you pleased. It is an excellent-looking AIO system that comes with brilliant functions which magically improve the speed of your computing.  The customer service of this brand is also very superb which will assist you to buy it.

DeepCool Gamer Storm CPU Cooler Review

There are billions of features of DeepCool Gamer Storm. Drill down to make your mood cool as DeepCool Gamer Storm makes to your computer.

Captain ex series contains the most remarkable features of previous captain versions. It comes with a Steampunk appearance and has a visible liquid flow. Its LED lighting is very beneficial. Besides, the captain ex series will bring you improved anti-explosion rubber and high-density water micro-channel which will save you all kinds of mishaps.

This AIO comes with a unique silent TF 120 double-blade fan, and an upgraded tooling-free installation solution. It makes the processing of computers convenient and outstanding. It will dramatically enhance your heat dissipation experience, which will remove the waste heat produced by computer components. Hence, the stability, silence, efficiency, and convenience of a processor will be improved.

CAPTAIN 240EX is a high-performance that has an upgraded anti-explosion rubber material. This amazing CAPTAIN 240EX is a having high-density water micro-channels which produce zero noise. It contains TF 120 double-blade fan. Its installation is free and easy.

Blessings of DeepCool Gamer Storm do not stop here. You have to stay with us to know more about this brilliant product.

It contains Unique Reactor-style Pump Housing which brings you a fantastic effect of visible liquid circulation. It is reliable and robust, and its pump offers the maximum amount of water circulation. Its efficiency and unique style keep the copper plate cool all the time.

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Wear-resistant and anti-corrosion ceramic bears offer a long service life of MTBF 120,000 hours.

High-Density 240mm radiator offers excellent heat dissipation, and fin-array des-optimize sizes fan speeds, and noise. Its Double-blade Fans installation is very free and convenient. Unique TF 120 double-blade fans specially designed for the radiator.  This brilliant cooler gives higher air pressure and reaches high efficient heat dissipation.

It comes with Anti-explosion Tubing, which helps in anti-corrosion and keeps all the components rust-free. Its crush-resistant and thermostable material makes it safe, as well as reliable.

Highly beneficial and strongly recommended!!

DeepCool Gamer Storm CPU Liquid Cooler Review

  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Elegant design.
  • Bit noisy.


Deep Cool gamer is one of the best coolers you have ever used. It is very easy to install and work with it. It is cost-friendly and more than it cost. It does not create much noise, and the event does not create much much space in your processor. Must buy it to make your lifestyle and computer cool.