Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Cooler Review

Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Cooler Review

Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU CoolerThis Dark Rock Pro 4 is best-known for its cooler look as well as the performance. This tower cooler can easily go up to 250 watts of TDP. That’s not all, there are a lot more features that this particular model offer. In this particular review, we’ll be going through all the features and specifications.

The best thing so far is the noiseless operation. Its dual wings perform flawlessly and give reliable performance because of its seven advanced high-performance heat pipes. Moreover, the dual tower design is another great feature, that not only looks great but also performs great.

Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Cooler Review

Compared to the other traditional coolers this one has a bigger size, while the be quiet includes an additional magnetic screw-driver in the box. There is no need to deal with your old toolbox anymore.

Its two heatsinks make it look bigger and dissipate the heat evenly with the included seven copper heat pipes to ensure the excellent efficiency of the CPU itself. The middle cooler is a little slimmer than the outer casing.

It has a completely black color that fits with almost all builds, even the hinges that hold the fan with the heatsink are black as well. The overall color consistency looks very great. Unlike the standard models, this one has a small heatsink on the CPU block as well. The outer plate is aluminum brushed and curved at the edges. Plus, the Be Quiet logo is printed right in the middle.

The outer frame of the front fans looks like a little funnel, this design approach gives comparatively higher air pressure for ensuring better heat dissipation all over the surface, and keeping the CPU cooler for a longer period during the robust use.

The little bents on the fin edges regulate the airflow giving optimized cooling. In this way, it efficiently enhances the RAM performance, and the little heatsink at the bottom is specifically intended for keeping the processor cool.

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Talking about the dimension, then it is moderately deep as well as high and fits in almost kinds of builds. When the mounting brackets and screws are excluded, it has a 5.7-inch length, 5.35-inch width, and 6.40-inch height. Furthermore, the outer plate has several heatsinks and with the highest speed it reaches up t0 24 to 25 dB. It is compatible with almost all kinds of AMD as well as Intel sockets.

This model is tested by our experts. Overall, the two-test was taken one for the gaming and the other one for the heavy load to extract the maximum performance out of it. The performance during both tests was exceptional.

dark rock pro 4 review

  • Noiseless operation
  • The excellent heat dissipation system
  • Heat-pipes are copper made
  • Compatible with most AMD and Intel sockets
  • Performance is not completely noiseless


This Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 is a pretty reliable addition to the cooler industry. The overall look is pretty cool, the fans give higher RPM, compatibility is huge, the operation is noisy, and the price tag is pretty affordable. It is one of the best picks for gamers.