Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x

Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x

If you’re searching for the Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x for a new system, you’ll likely be impressed by the wide range of options available. Chances are that you already know your requirements and what your system relies on to operate; it will be easier to make your decision if you have some idea of what you want from a cooler. But with so many options on the market, how do you go about making the right choice? If you’re on the lookout for a good air cooling processor cooler for your new system, you should start by looking at the various sizes available. These days, you can find several cooler designs that will fit into the size of your motherboard socket, ensuring that your CPU will not be obstructed in any way when the cooler is in use.

Once you’ve measured the size of your motherboard and chosen your processor, you should also take a look at your processor’s to overclock ability. This is a very important feature – if your processor cannot overclock effectively, you will not be enjoying your new hardware. The best air cooler for your AMD processor will help make this happen, as it will make sure that the processor is running at just the right temperatures for it, without overheating. This ensures that your PC will run without errors or slow down unnecessarily as a result.

You will undoubtedly find the best air cooler for your AMD system this year. Many of the coolers on the market today will help to keep your system performing optimally and at top speed. Whether you need a desktop Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x for your notebooks or gaming pc cases, or you need something for your main system, there are now more options than ever before, meaning that finding the best one can be a simple process.


Advantages Of Using Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900X

  • Contributes a modest quantity of wind stream 
  • Forestalls irregular accidents at startup 
  • Your CPU will not sear itself in its warmth 
  • No, falter while gaming


There are some basic and driving variables that you ought to consider while picking a CPU cooler for your framework. How about we burrow profoundly and understand what they are.


As you would know, there are plenty of brands and stages that are giving the best quality CPU coolers. Notwithstanding, the brand is reliant on your thoughts and wants. Each brand in the market gives excellent CPU coolers, and we will show some of them for your simplicity and solace.


You may have caught wind of the sound of the fan, and that isn’t something you need in your choice pc construct. Boisterous fan commotion makes an interruption while gaming and your CPU begins sounding uproarious, and that is the reason you ought to consider purchasing a CPU cooler that gives a quiet and proficient chilling to dial down things.


As we have talked about before, various structure factor mobos support diverse CPU coolers, and purchasing something that isn’t working for your mobo model can cause trouble in the fitting. Furthermore, that is the explanation you ought to consider picking the Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x which is moderate in size and is viable with your mobo and case.


Knowing the kind of CPU attachment is the main goal when picking a CPU cooler. There are CPU coolers with various attachments, and those probably won’t be viable with your motherboard. Consider thinking about the sort of cooler and the CPU attachment of your motherboard before picking any cooler.


Pick the Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x that is viable with your PSU to stay away from any burden. A diverse CPU cooler’s TDP necessity is extraordinary, and that is the fundamental key factor you ought to consider checking the TDP rating before getting a CPU cooler.

Top 5 Picks Best graphics card for AMD fx 6300

1ASUS ROG Ryujin 360 AIO● Three PPC PWM fans run at the speed of 4,800 RPM. 
● The item holds 1 x fluid cooler alongside 3 x 120mm radiators. 
● Computer chip plate constructed material is copper
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2Dark Rock Pro 4● The fans have a liquid unique direction 
● The item has a double pinnacle plan alongside double heatsinks 
● Effectively viable with the Intel and AMD 
Check Price
3Scythe Mugen Rev B● Effectively viable with the Ryzen 9 arrangement 
● Warmth pipes are nickel-plated, and copper made 
●The item's TDP is 12V
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4NZXT Kraken X62● The fan clamor levels are 21 – 38 dBA 
● The Fans runs at the speed of 500 – 1,800 +/ - 300 RPM 
● The item accompanies a 6 years guarantee, which certainly makes it a solid item.
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5Cryorig C7 Cu●AMD: FM1, FM2, FM2+, AM2, AM2+, AM3, ●AM3+, AM4*
● Measurements: 97x97x47mm 
● Weight: 357g 
● RPM: 600-2500 
Commotion ●Generation: 30 dBA 
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Best Looking Cooler for Ryzen 9 3900X – ASUS ROG Ryujin 360 AIO

ASUS ROG Ryujin 360 AIO

The new model from ASUS is the ROGonson 360 AIO. This cooler offers four different speeds with which you can adjust the speed at which your computer will run. You can switch between the three main profiles that are Cool, Balanced and OC. This is one of the best-selling coolers of all time is the Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x.

The cooler is perfect for anyone who is planning to upgrade their current motherboard. The motherboard has to support all the latest technology whether it be for DDR4 3D or video cards. If you are looking for the best option available for your motherboard then this is it. The motherboard will always be safe if you have this particular cooler on it. You can also purchase the bundled remote to control your computer while it is cooling down.

When you want the best cooling option then this is what you need to go with. There are other good options out there, but none compare to the ROGonson. This cooler is going to give you the best value for your money as it works equally well for desktop and laptop computers. If you are looking for a good-performing air cooler then you might want to think about this one. The price may be a bit higher than others, but you are getting a great product for your money.


In this review, we are going to take a quick and concise look at the best cooling solution for the Asus ROG Raimi motherboard. With this being one of the latest form factors of these types of motherboards, we thought it would be best to get some hands-on testing with the radiator cooling solution provided by the company. We have been using a couple of heat sinks for the better part of two years now for all of our testings and we have found that this has been able to provide a stable and consistent solution over many different types of motherboards. With the Rai MI cooler utilizing dual pumps for the CPU and graphics cards the temperature levels we experienced with this cooler were very good. When it came to the overall performance of the motherboard, we did not find anything out of the ordinary, it did function well and delivered a consistent experience. If you are looking to increase the performance of your current setup, check out our recommended products that can be found below.

 best cpu cooler for ryzen 9 3900x

What Features Does This Asus CPU Cooler Offers?

  • This impeccable item contains an OLED Screen which seems the liveliness, logos, and framework details (for example temperature and fan speeds) 
  • The accompanying item contains a 360mm radiator-prepared cooler. 
  • To make your PC look richer, the accompanying item holds the piece of RGB LEDs. 
  • The item holds the fixed miniature fan that helps in cooling the VRM and M.2 region by up to 20° C 
  • The brilliant quality PPC PWM fans convey quiet cooling and a higher wind stream to keep the temperatures standard. 
  • The supported and sleeved tubing makes the item more dependable and solid. 
  • Three PPC PWM fans run at the speed of 4,800 RPM. 
  • The item holds 1 x fluid cooler alongside 3 x 120mm radiators. 
  • Computer chip plate constructed material is copper
  • Effectively adjustable LiveDash OLED Display 
  • Addressable RGB Lights are brilliant 
  • Incredible form quality 
  • Excellent Noctua NF-F12 IPPC 2000 fans
  • Might block the clearance of the first RAM slot

Best Quiet Cooler for Ryzen 9 3900X – Dark Rock Pro 4

Dark Rock Pro 4

When I saw the Dark Rock Pro 4, I had one question in my mind: does it have a thermal design that is different from other CPU coolers for the same price? From reading through many Dark Rock reviews, most of them seem to be saying that the cooler doesn’t do much more than provide adequate levels of air to the processor. Is that what the manufacturer promised?

This is a point that I agree with. When people see something that they think is a great deal and it performs poorly, they will not hesitate to buy it just because it was inexpensive. But, you have to look at a laptop computer and see what the competition offers. The other thing is that the competition will be seeing updates to the same product within a few days of each other’s launch.

The other thing that I would like to mention in my review is that the thermal design seems to be quite nice. If you open up the package, you can see that it has a nice velour cloth cover with the Heattech fan included. The fans on the front are all white, which is a nice change from the red that some of the other heat sources offer. It seems that this is a design that might make it easier for people to clean the box while it is being used. I also like the fact that there is no longer a requirement for any fans to be installed! I suppose that this could mean that the company did not care for their customers enough to think about the expense of these fans, but I find that hard to believe.


If you are looking for a compact, yet an effective cooling solution for your new AMD processor, then look no further than the Dark Rock Pro 4 Best CPU Cooler for your needs. This product is designed to utilize the power of two separate fans to provide air cooling for your AMD system. Utilizing two aluminum front plates, this cooler allows your system to utilize the heat generated by your processor while keeping noise levels down.

best cpu cooler for ryzen 9 3900x

What Features Does This Dark Pro CPU Cooler Offers?

  • This immaculate CPU cooler holds 7 6mm copper heat pipes alongside a couple of balance stacks to keep your framework cool 
  • The pair of 140mm fans help to disperse the warmth much speedier from your framework to keep the temperatures low 
  • The item has a TDP of 250W which permits you to bring down the fan speed and still accomplish magnificent cooling execution effortlessly 
  • The best component of this item is that the fans are completely silent in any event when running fast. 
  • The clamor levels of the fans are 24 dBA 
  • The fan edges are wind stream enhanced to guarantee that the warmth doesn’t remain inside the case for more 
  • The fans have a liquid unique direction 
  • The item has a double pinnacle plan alongside double heatsinks 
  • Effectively viable with the Intel and AMD 
  • The fans can run at the speed of 1200 – 1500 RPM
  • Incredible form quality 
  • Improved and upgraded mounting instrument 
  • Improved commotion levels 
  • Conveys a fantastic exhibition 
  • Great appearance
  • Expensive

Best Value Cooler for Ryzen 9 3900X – Scythe Mugen Rev B

Scythe Mugen Rev B

When it comes to picking a high-end motherboard, Scythe Mugen Rev B might be the one for you. For starters, this model features an integrated processor cool as well as a built-in liquid cooling solution. This motherboard is also enhanced with the use of an aluminum plate for heat dissipation, which increases the level of cooling provided. On the rear of the motherboard is an eight-pin power port which enables it to be compatible with all of the different CPU type sets. On the front side of this model, there’s an eight-pin data port as well as a USB2.0 port for connecting various peripheral devices.

Scythe has made use of their industry-standard aluminum heat sink which is capable of dissipating a large amount of heat generated from the processor. This allows the motherboard to run at a balanced level of temperature which ensures stability and performance. Another advantage of this model compared to other high-end motherboards is that it comes with an integrated deluxe noise reduction feature which is activated by default. This will reduce background sounds within the room to provide a much more peaceful environment to work in. It is important to note that this model does not have a built-in fan but rather one which is placed on the back of the motherboard.

Scythe Mugen Rev B may be a high-end model but it is also one that comes with great price tags. This is especially true when you consider the amount of cooling power it provides compared to other models such as the overclocked Power 4 Rev B. It would therefore be a wise choice to look at other cooling options such as the use of an air-cooling kit or the installation of a water cooling kit. These options should be considered if you are looking to make this model more cost-effective for a budget-minded user. If you are looking for a motherboard with the ability to offer strong cooling then this is one model to consider.


In this Scythe Mugen Rev B review, I am going to be looking at whether this is the best CPU cooler for your overclocked AMD processor. But first, let us take a look at why a CPU cooler is so important when it comes to cooling your high-end processor. There are many different designs of coolers available on the market today and some of the worst are made from plastic, which is not only bad looking but also can easily damage your CPU if it is not fitted correctly.

best cpu cooler for ryzen 9 3900x

What Features Does This Scythe Mugen Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x?

  • The accompanying extraordinary items hold 6 warmth pipes alongside 2 fans 
  • The 50CFM fans are adequately effective to scatter the warmth out of the framework rapidly 
  • The double fans don’t just give improved cooling however save the temperatures standard for a more drawn out period to keep away from the arbitrary accidents 
  • Effectively viable with the Ryzen 9 arrangement 
  • The fan commotion levels change from 4 – 29.9 dBA which is a decent number in giving a quiet and silent cooling 
  • The fans are completely PWM controlled and run at the speed of 300 – 1200 RPM 
  • Warmth pipes are nickel-plated, and copper made 
  • The fans convey the wind current of 57.17 CFM 
  • The item’s TDP is 12V
  • Immaculate form quality 
  • None freedom issues with most mainboards 
  • Conveys superb execution in all angles 
  • The item has overall quite calm Kaze flex fans
  • The product is a bit big

Best Performance Cooler for Ryzen 9 3900X – NZXT Kraken X62

NZXT Kraken X62

If you have been waiting for the NZ XT Kraken Xadiator to arrive on the market since it launched a few months ago, then you probably still aren’t in the know about the features and benefits that this new cooling solution offers. This compact all-in-one desktop replacement has the features you would expect out of a mainstream setup and is backed by a great warranty. One of the best features of the NZXT Kraken Xadiator is its front bottom vents which help to keep your system cooler and more efficient. The front intake ports are also functional but don’t have the appeal of the front beater because they are covered by the bezel which makes the entire front part of the system look plain. This system truly does lack any style or uniqueness, which limits its usefulness to hardcore watercoolers only.

If you are looking for a compact option that can take a big beating, the NZXT Kraken X642 is a perfect choice. While it is extremely compact, it still packs a powerful punch with a pair of running fans that will keep your CPU cool while running at maximum performance. If you love your system but don’t want it to overheat regularly, the two included fans will keep your CPU from overheating and give your card plenty of breathing room. A pair of rear intakes also help to keep the heat away from your graphics card and left untreated, your processor may get damaged by overheating.

One of the greatest things about the NZXT Kraken X62 is that it will fit virtually any type of computer. It uses an open open-frame design which allows it to utilize the space perfectly between your motherboards and the Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x if needed. This unique feature is what sets it apart from other cooling systems which don’t let you utilize the space around your system. Because the NZXT Neptune can be used in a cross configuration with other computers, you can also use a CPU pump head to keep your computer running smoothly when you are done. The open frame and pump allow air to flow through the entire system, which keeps your components from warping or overheating. While this system may not be the fastest performing option on the market today, it will set the bar for what future NZTAC units will be able to do.


We are pleased to provide a review of the NZXT Kraken CPU cooler, which has been one of the leading coolers on the market for some time. The design is very neat and we have found that it does make a difference when it comes to temperature. If you are looking to improve your overall performance, this should be a consideration. It has several features that enable it to keep your processor at the optimum operating temperature it requires to run effectively, without having to overclock or worry about damaging the internal components.

best cpu cooler for ryzen 9 3900x

What Features Does This NZXT Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x Offer?

  • The NZXT KRAKEN X62 holds the innovation and improved performing designed siphon to remove all your overheating concerns 
  • The item has a stunning looking and RGB addressable plan alongside a boundlessness reflect the plan 
  • The item is programming controlled and can the paces of the fan and RGB can be handily redone through programming 
  • The item contains the AER P-Radiator improved fan for a productive and quiet liquid freezer
  • Item includes progressed lighting modes for you to encounter a unique and flawless lighting mode. 
  • Shield plated and broadened tubing innovation makes the accompanying item a ton tough and solid 
  • The Fans runs at the speed of 500 – 1,800 +/ – 300 RPM 
  • The fan clamor levels are 21 – 38 dBA 
  • The item holds the 280mm radiator and 97C FM fans that guarantees the 105W yield of the processor is dispatched without any problem 
  • The item accompanies a 6 years guarantee, which certainly makes it a solid item.
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Perfectly fit and finished
  • Easy to install
  • Delivers impeccable performance
  • A bit over-priced

Best Low Profile Cooler for Ryzen 9 3900X ITX Builds – Cryorig C7 Cu

Cryorig C7 Cu

Cryorig C7 Cu has been designed by leading air cooling manufacturers and is one of the best compact air coolers. This little cooler is the perfect addition to any gaming computer or even your office/education PC. The cool part is that it comes in a small white box that will allow you to carry it around and place it on public display. Yes, you are going to need some sort of a special liquid-cooling kit if you want to use this product in your office or school. Otherwise, this product is for anyone who needs a small and portable air cooler that is easy to install.

The C7 Cu has several unique features that will make it very efficient in increasing your system’s processor speed as well as the Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x. The primary feature is the fact that it has a permanent heat sink which means the cooler does not have an external metallic casing that dissipates heat. With a typical size of only 47mm incorporating the entire heat sink, the C7 Cu is in the same category as stock heat sinks.

The other cool attribute of this little cooling product is its dual-fan cooling system. Not only does this allow for extremely effective airflow, but it also enables two fans to work simultaneously. This is great when working with big graphics cards and multiple video cards. If you like a dual-core processor and a powerful air coolers solution then you should check out the Cryorig C7 Cu.


The Cryorig C7 Cu is the latest in a long line of award-winning coolers for the new generation of Intel processors. It offers a great all-around package to house up to four 16-core processors and up to two Toshiba satellite series motherboard ports, all within a very compact and lightweight body. This cooler is one of the best if you are looking for the very best of everything at a good cost, and this is reflected in the excellent amount of testing that has been carried out on this product. The Cryorig C7 has received many positive reviews from professional computer users and tech reviewers alike for its supreme ability to keep temperatures down and out of the scope of any user at all. There are many different benefits to owning a Cryorig C7 Cu, including the fact that it offers a high level of efficiency as well as the benefit of a quiet cooling fan that is easily turned off when not required, another benefit that is highly appreciated. However, to find out just how good this cooler is, it is important to look at a Cryorig C7 Cu review and discover what other people have been saying about it.

Attachment similarity: Intel LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156 

best cpu cooler for ryzen 9 3900x

What Features Does This NZXT Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900xOffers?

  • AMD: FM1, FM2, FM2+, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4*
  • Measurements: 97x97x47mm 
  • Weight: 357g 
  • RPM: 600-2500 
  • Commotion Generation: 30 dBA 
  • Just 47mm height
  • Compatible with AMD and Intel sockets
  • Follow a no interference design
  • 100 TDP
  • Very low noise generation
  • Good performance
  • Installation is a little complicated

Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x FAQ’s

Does the Ryzen 9 5900x come with a cooler?

When it comes to the question of how do you cool your CPU, I have often found myself wondering whether or not water is a good option. For those that are unfamiliar with what water cooling is, it is the process of using a low-powered air conditioning unit to cool off a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) by forcing water into the system. The main advantage of doing this is that you can get your computer’s temperature down to a more appropriate level without having to use a bulky and high-power cooling unit. So does the AMD Ryzen 9-series motherboard really come with a water-cooler?

What is the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x?

The answer to that question is not that easy. This particular model of CPU cooler for AMD is one of the better ones out there, but it does tend to run a bit cooler than others on the market at this time. I am still using the same one I have had since my old motherboard (Xeon Processor) when I got it. I am about to buy an upgrade though and will have to see which one will do better on the newer models with the newest socket.

Does Ryzen 9 need water cooling?

This is the real question that many are asking about the new standard of dual-core processors and how they will perform once Intel has integrated them into their new high-end motherboards. Will they need water cooling or a separate cooler? I was having a tough time thinking about whether to get a water cooler for my CPU or not, but I then came across this article which gave me some good reasoning behind it. The new cooler Intel is using for their Xeon line of processors does indeed use a water-cooling system inside of it to cool the core; so do I need a water cooler for my processor? Will my processor and I be safe if I do not have a water cooling system in place to keep the chips cool? In today’s world what do we really need and how much cooling power do we really need for our processor and other high-end computer components? Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 3900x.


If you have been checking out different CPU coolers, you would have noticed that the selection available right now is just insane. Right from the Hyper Trickle Bottom to the Obsidian cooler, you have got to wonder which one will work best for you. However, it doesn’t matter what kind of cooler you are looking for as long as you get the right one. And by the end of this article, you will have all of the information you need to be able to make the right decision. So without further ado, let us begin!

The conclusion: a Hyper Trickle Bottom will always be your best bet. It has everything you need and then some. You will never regret getting one of these because of the many benefits you can enjoy. Not only will you be able to cool down your processor at will with one of these coolers, but you will also find that it is going to help improve the overall quality of your system as well. Therefore, if you want the most excellent coolers that will work perfectly for your motherboard and processor, get yourself a Hyper Trickle Bottom.